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FIRE Moo Ping & Gai Ping 200g Bundle of 3

FIRE Moo Ping & Gai Ping 200g Bundle of 3

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Authentic Thai meat skewers, marinated with a perfect balance of sweetness and savouriness, await your indulgence.

These grilled meat skewers are so charred and smoky that they will make you say 'Aroy Mak~' for more

Moo Ping 200g (5 Sticks)

Ingredients :

Pork, Sugar, Fish Sauce (Fish, Salt), Garlic, Corn Starch, 

White Pepper Powder


Gai Ping 200g (5 Sticks)

Ingredients :

Chicken, Sugar, Fish Sauce (Fish, Salt), Garlic, Corn 

Starch, White Pepper Powder


Serving instructions : 

1. Boil in water bath (≥ 90°C) for 10mins. 


2. Remove packaging. Microwave for 1min at 

MEDIUM power. 

(Due to variation of microwave oven, heating time 

may require adjustment)


3. Remove packaging. Preheat air fryer/oven and bake 

at 160°C for 6-7mins. Flip once after 3mins.

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