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Hup Chong

Crunchies Series Bundle of 2

Crunchies Series Bundle of 2

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1. Original Pork Crunchy 100g

The original pork crunchy is baked till golden brown with our signature crispy pork floss and you simply can’t stop popping these into your mouth!

2. Cereal Pork Crunchy 90g

With added crispy cereal, the cereal pork crunchy makes it even harder to stop!

3. Coconut Pork Crunchy 100g

The added coconut flakes and coconut milk brings an additional natural sweetness to this crunchy snack!

4. Dark Chocolate Pork Crunchy 145g

The slight bitterness and sweetness from the dark chocolate complements the savoury pork floss crunchy. Satisfying both sweet and salty!

5. White Chocolate Pork Crunchy 145g

Sweet white chocolate matched with salty crispy pork floss, sweet and salty goes well hand-in-hand.

6. Hae Bee Hiam Chicken Crunchy 100g

Fancy a salty and spicy snack? The hae bee hiam chicken crunchy matches crispy pork floss with fragrant dried shrimp to create that harmonious intense flavor!

Storage Guideline: Keep product in a cool and dry place

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