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Yogravy Bundle of 3

Yogravy Bundle of 3

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6 assorted choices to choose from:

1. Curry Gravy 250g

A savory blend of curry spices and coconut milk, the curry gravy is aromatic and appetizing. Perfect for eating with rice, noodles or bread! Add in your protein of choice and just heat up!

2. Laksa Gravy 350g

A local favourite, laksa combines aromatic spices with rich coconut milk for a smooth creamy broth. Add in rice vermicelli or noodles for a convenient authentic laksa experience! Don’t forget the taupok to soak up all the soupy goodness!


3. Mee Siam Gravy 350g

Spiced vermicelli noodles, served with a tangy tamarind gravy or stir fry it for a dry aromatic version. Top with an assortment of garnishes, like chives and taupok, for a perfect Nonya dish.

4. Mee Rebus Gravy 250g

A mix of sweet and spicy flavours simmered in thick gravy, this noodle dish is typically served with bean curd cubes, eggs and green chilies. Various blended spices and aromatics provide an umami flavor to this dish.

5. Tom Yam Soup 350g

Enjoy the flavors of Thailand with this ready-to-eat Tom Yam soup! It delivers all the Tom Yam flavors that you love in a convenient pack. That distinct spicy and sour taste is sure to whet your appetite!

6. Prawn Soup 350g

This convenient to use prawn soup boasts aromatic and shrimp-y flavors that will excite your taste buds! Naturally sweet with a spicy kick, this soup can be used to cook up a variety of dishes.

Storage Guideline: Keep Frozen. Once thawed do not refreeze

Link 🔗 :  Yang Guang Ke Le Yogravy TVC Video , Sora Ma Yogravy TVC Video

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