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Pen Cai (Chicken Collagen)

Pen Cai (Chicken Collagen)

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Seasonal item, super limited set is available only.

Suitable for 2 - 3 Pax.

Abalone, Prawn, Shiitake Mushroom, Scallop, Sea Cucumber, Yam, Cabbage, Roast Pork, Fish Maw

1) Thaw overnight in the chiller for 24 hours

2) Let the Pen Cai sit in an ambient environment for 1 hour to fully thaw

3) Heat up the Pen Cai chicken collagen broth packet in 80 - 90 degree hot water for 10 mins before pouring it into the Pen Cai pot

4) Heat up the Pen Cai over low heat on the stove for 20 - 30 mins with the lid on

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