Food Yo Laksa Gravy [1.25kg] *** LAUNCH PRICE ***
Food Yo

Food Yo Laksa Gravy [1.25kg] *** LAUNCH PRICE ***

SGD 7.00

Easily recreate your favourite Singapore-style laksa at home. Just add coconut milk!

Spicy, aromatic and packs an umami punch, the laksa gravy balances spice and coconut milk, with an added depth of flavour from dried shrimps. Perfect for rainy days!

Packing sizes:

250g - 1 portion

1.25kg - 5 portions  (comes in 1 large pack)

Proudly made in Singapore

No added preservatives and no added artificial colouring


Heating Instructions

a. Allow the frozen gravy to thaw fully.

b. Immerse the thawed packet in boiling water for 2-5 minutes.

c. Pour warmed gravy into another pot and add 200ml coconut milk.

d. Ready to serve with rice vermicelli, beancurd skin and beansprouts.


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