Bundle 3  Packet Floss Series 495g  [PFx1,CPFx1,KFx1]
Hup Chong

Bundle 3 Packet Floss Series 495g [PFx1,CPFx1,KFx1]

SGD 23.70

Bundle 3  Packet Floss Series 495g

 1.Pork Floss 165g x 1pkt

 2.Crispy Pork Floss x 165g x1pkt

 3.Krispee Floss 165g x 1pkt

Proudly crafted in Singapore. Made using 100% natural ingredients, with zero added MSG, artificial flavouring or colouring and preservatives.

Note: Floss are packed into ziplock bags and contents may settle during delivery. Product sold by weight not volume, please be assured that the weight is as per specified.



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