BBQ Coin 240g
Hup Chong

BBQ Coin 240g

SGD 8.80

Jazz up your pantry with our coin-shaped bakkwa! Vacuum-packed into 3 separate packets for your convenience. Proudly handcrafted in Singapore. Made using 100% natural ingredients, with zero added MSG, artificial flavouring or colouring and preservatives.

Storage: If unopened, can be stored at room temperature for 9 months from production date. Ideal for stocking up the pantry. As we do not add preservatives, once opened, please consume within 7 days at room temperature, or 14 days in the chiller.

Tips: For maximum enjoyment, we recommend warming the bakkwa before eating:

  1. Pour hot water in a bowl and soak each pack for 15 mins; OR
  2. Remove the packing film and gently warm in microwave on medium to low heat for 30 seconds; OR
  3. Enjoy the bakkwa as it is!


  1. Add to fried rice or steamed rice;
  2. Mixed into stir-fry noodles or porridge;

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