Company Profile

The company started manufacturing barbecued meat products (known locally as Bakkwa) in the early 1970s and was formally incorporated as Chop Hup Chong Food Industries Pte Ltd (CHC) in 1988.

6 Senoko South Road(Our HQ and main production facility at 6 Senoko South Road Singapore 758070, for the manufacturing of bakkwa and traditional sausages.)

Demand for our products grew exponentially. In 1995, we established our Senoko factory with a S$1.5 million investment in R&D facilities. Facing strong demand, we set up a second factory in Tuas, 7 years later. This facility was to cater to the production of meat floss products (such as Pork Floss and Crispy Pork Floss), and its related snacks, such as Golden Floss Roll.

14 Senoko South Road & Link Bridge(Our production facility at 14 Senoko South Road, with a link bridge to our 6 Senoko factory)

In August 2016, we relocated the Tuas production facility to 14 Senoko South Road Singapore 758075. Together with the original facility, we have a total floor area of 14,700 sqm. This allowed us to consolidate our production efforts and expanded the production space for us to take on new projects.

Today, we are an ISO22000-certified manufacturer and retailer of barbecued meat (pork, chicken, beef), meat floss (pork, chicken, fish) and their derivatives of meat-based snacks.

In addition, we provide OEM services, customisation of recipes and packaging for B2B customers.

Chop Hup Chong Food Industries Pte Ltd was awarded:

  • ISO 9001 certification in year 1997.
  • Research Incentive Scheme in year 1997.
  • Singapore Standard SS 444 (HACCP) certification in year 2000.
  • AVA Food Safety Partner since 2005.
  • AVA's Platinum Award for achieving Grade "A" status on excellence in Food Hygiene, Sanitation & Processing for 20 consecutive years (Year 1998 - Year 2017) to No.6 Senoko South Road Production Facility.
  • AVA's Silver Award for achieving Grade "A" status on excellence in Food Hygiene, Sanitation & Processing for 10 consecutive years (Year 2004 - Year 2013) to Floss Production Facility.
  • ISO 22000 certification in year 2015.

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